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Search QVC+ or HSN+ on your favorite smart TVs and streaming TV devices to download now, for free.

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What content is available on QVC+ and HSN+?

Stream all five QVC and HSN channels for free, plus exciting new channels like Plus - Originals, In the Kitchen, Fashion Finds, Outdoor Escape, and more - all in one place! We've got all your favorite personalities under one roof: from David Venable and Guy Yovan to Mally Roncal and Kim Gravel. And, of course, the great products, amazing brands, and the people and stories behind them.

Plus, stream exclusive original content including new, hit shows such as Total Look, Own Your Outdoors, Things That Just Make Sense, (Pretty Much) Conversations About Beauty with People Over 40 , and much, much more. Not to mention, tune in for exclusive LIVE streaming shows and events that take you directly to the hottest happenings.

Missed your favorite show? Not a problem. Check out the latest episodes of your favorite QVC and HSN shows anytime with Video on Demand.

What devices can I use to stream QVC+ and HSN+?

QVC+ and HSN+ are available to stream on Amazon Fire TV streaming devices, Amazon Fire TV Edition Smart TVs, Apple TV® devices, the Roku platform, LG Smart TVs (2018 models or newer), Xfinity X1, and Xfinity Flex, Cox, Google TV™, Samsung TVs, and Android TV™ OS devices.*

*Google TV is the name of this device's software experience and a trademark of Google LLC. Android TV is a trademark of Google LLC.

How do I access QVC+ and HSN+?

Search “QVC” or “HSN” on your Roku, Fire TV, LG Smart TV, Google TV, Android TV, Samsung TV, or Apple TV device to download the app. On Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex devices, access QVC+ and HSN+ by using your X1 or Xfinity Flex voice remote—just say "Let's shop," or tune to any of the QVC channels and follow the on-screen prompts.

Is QVC+ and HSN+ app available for free?

Yes! Stream QVC+ and HSN+ for FREE and dive into the total shopping experience! Download onto your preferred streaming device and start watching and shopping right away.

How do I shop QVC+ and HSN+?

With on-platform ordering, Comcast Xfinity, Comcast Flex, Cox Contour, and Samsung TV customers can complete purchases using their remote!

Once you've linked your QVC or HSN account to the QVC+ and HSN+ app, you'll be able to follow on-screen prompts to make selections like size, color, and more, just as if you were shopping online or by phone—and linking your accounts from each brand means you can shop both QVC and HSN right from your Comcast remote. For more information on using QVC+ and HSN+ with your Comcast subscription, please see the Customer Service FAQs here .

Note: These features may not currently be available for all streaming service users. Check back, as we'll be launching on-platform shopping for more devices soon!

Amazon Fire TV, Android TV OS, Apple TV, and Roku platform users have the option to enter their mobile phone number into QVC+ and HSN+ to receive instant access to the products they're watching on the screen! Once you have entered your mobile number, simply click the “Buy now!” button while watching your favorite videos to receive a direct link to start your purchase.