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Over 50 & Fabulous

What would we talk about if there was a safe space where (almost) nothing was off-limits? If there was a welcoming community of women who aren't afraid to be their authentic selves? Find out during Over 50 & Fabulous, where celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal and an alternating QVC® Program Host (whether they're over 50 or approaching it) gather to get real about the real stuff. Like menopause, dating, empty nesting, the effects of gravity - and that just scratches the surface. Our Over 50 & Fabulous weekly series and after-show livestreams offer a place for women like us to feel seen. To listen. To be understood. And to connect with each other with courage and confidence. So let's "go there" and get fearless. Together. Our time is now. Our place is here. We're Over 50 & Fabulous, and we wouldn't have it any other way.